DIY Home Improvement in North Carolina - Carolina Country

On The House

Home improvement projects with an energy-efficient edge

Energy-saving HVAC systems

Climate, costs, and technology matter in choosing among the options

A balancing act

How to balance air movement among rooms when doors are closed

Home on the range

The energy-efficient way of using cooking appliances

Hot options

When purchasing a water heater, size and energy factor rating matter

Battling dust

How to find where all that dust comes from and what to do about it

Take control of your indoor air quality

Some surprisingly simple products can work in your favor

Refrigerators & energy

The real scoop on making your fridge more efficient

Testing for radon is a must

Don’t make assumptions based on your type of house or its location

Home health

How to keep your home happy and healthy

Alternatives to carpet

New products made from wool, seagrass and recycled materials last long and are earth-friendly