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On The House

Home improvement projects with an energy-efficient edge

Clothes Dryers: Use Only as Intended

Venting dryers indoors is no longer considered a safe option

Get Warmer Floors in the Winter

Steps to take to ensure your floors aren’t freezing this winter

Shop Smart for a New Water Heater

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Foaming a Crawl Space

Take the proper steps when considering spray foam insulation

Tips for Heating on a Tight Budget

Resources are available to those concerned about the chill of winter

Staying Cool with Extra Space

Finding the right type of A/C unit for your project

How to Close a Crawl Space

Follow these must-dos to improve home health and efficiency

Invest in the Sun for Water Heating

Solar water heating may be a long-term investment worth considering

Home Improvement: Part 1

Be a Weekend Warrior

Remodeling the Heart of Your Home

Tips for an efficient kitchen remodel