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Guard Your Garden from Deer

Keep pests at bay and your yard off the menu

Guard Your Garden from Deer

For years, an article on keeping deer from your garden was the number one article on our website, so we know you're looking for solutions to this problem!

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission estimates there are now more than a million white-tailed deer in our state. They have exceptional hearing and eyesight, making them hard to fool, even in low-light conditions. The whitetail eats mostly in the early morning and at twilight, enjoying green-leaved succulent plants and the tender new growths of stems and fruits. And, unfortunately, that can include your backyard garden!

We've put together a collection of four resources to further aid gardeners in their quest to protect their garden bounty.


Pest Profile

Despite the potential for damage to your prized plants, the white-tailed deer is a impressive animal. Learn more about these North Carolina residents — and how to share our state with them!

All about deer

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