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Tip of the Month

Quick tricks to keep your house energy efficient

Save Energy (and Money) Using Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are an inexpensive way to cut down on your energy bill

Keep Your Feet Cozy On Cold Winter Days

Area rugs are an easy and affordable way to add warmth to any room

Energy Saving Tips This Holiday Season

Smaller appliances like slow cookers, air fryers and Instant Pots consume less energy.

The Power of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help improve comfort year-round.

Check Your Thermostat

The location of your thermostat can impact your ideal indoor temperature

Landscaping with a Purpose

Lower energy costs with thoughtful yard design

Proper Insulation Reduces The Need For Excessive Heating

Add insulation where needed to save up to 10% on annual energy bills.

Your Dishwasher Can Save You Money

It's more energy efficient than washing a load of dishes by hand

July is National Grilling Month

To reduce home energy use, avoid using your oven and use a grill instead.

Plant for Shade

Include energy efficiency in your landscaping plans

Keep Your Dryer Filter Lint Free

Cleaning the lint filter after every load improves air circulation and safety.

Get Smart With Your Thermostat

Smart thermostats automatically adjust heating and cooling temperatures for optimal performance.

Schedule a Tune-Up for your Heating System

Save energy and money by regularly maintaining your equipment

Save money this summer

The laundry room is a great place to start

Add Windows and Screens to your Spring Cleaning To-Do List!

Clean windows and screens can help save money on your energy bill

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